Allied Plastic and Orthotic & Prosthetic Supply

                                                     AEGIS TF

The AEGIS TF (transfemoral silicone liner) is a high quality cost effective alternative for the above knee amputee. The AEGIS TF is made with a durable silicone formula that is soft and abrasion resistant. Its shape and thin profile are such that it may retro-fit into existing socket designs.

AEGIS TF Features:
•2 NEW SIZES:  22cm & 26cm (fitting 24-32cm limb circumfrences)
•3mm Thick
•Retro-fit into Existing Socket Designs
•5 Sizes Locking or Cushion Versions
•Integrated Distal Matrix to Minimize Elongation (Locking Version)
•Flexible Shuttle Umbrella (Locking Liners)
•Durable Fabric Cover
•VERY Competitively Priced

                                            AEGIS Seal-Pro TF

The Seal-Pro Liner is the perfect solution for High Vacuum, Standard Suction Socket and Shuttle Lock Applications. The Seal-Pro is made of soft, durable silicone, in Transtibial (Seal-Pro TT) and Transfemoral (Seal-Pro TF) versions. The Seal-Pro liner is available uncovered or with CUSTOMIZED cover length to YOUR specifications. Seal-Pro transfemoral Liners with fabric come standard with proximal 7” uncovered.  Custom fabric is available.

AEGIS Seal-Pro Features:
•2 NEW SIZES: 22cm & 26cm (fitting 24-32cm limb circumferences)
•Customized Outer Fabric Length
•4mm Thick Silicone (6mm throughout in Covered Area)
•Non-Locking Version Available With or Without Fabric
•Retro-fit into Existing Socket Designs
•Cost Effective
•Soft and Durable Pure Silicone
•Locking & Non-Locking Available (Flexible Shuttle Umbrella in Locking)
•Integrated Distal Matrix to Minimize Elongation (Locking)
•Transtibial Version Pre-Flexed at 45° for Comfort and Unrestricted Range of Motion