QUIKform® is a polymeric material. A Polymeric material is comprised of many units of thermoplastic, meaning that once the polymer is formed it can be heated and reformed over and over again. This property allows for easy processing and facilitates recycling. It has the appearance of a thin, semi-flexible sheet of plastic with a cloth cover on one side. When heated, QUIKform® behaves more like "hot melt" glue than plastic. It is self-adhesive on the exposed side when hot. The fabric side allows for the use of rubber cement type glues.

QUIKform® molds easily under vacuum and is grindable and washable. It is used for reinforcement for shoes and orthotics. Works well with heel counter reinforcements and other shoe and orthotic modifications.

Durometer: 90 Shore A

Molding Temperature: 300°  3 min.

Grindable: Yes

Available Colors: White

Allied Plastic and Orthotic & Prosthetic Supply