Allied Plastic and Orthotic & Prosthetic Supply

FlexiSleeve™ Suspension Sleeve was created to be a comfortable, durable and cost effective alternative to straight suspension sleeves. Used with or without a BK Suction Valve. Flexi Suspension Sleeves provide a secure connection of the prosthesis to the limb and are shaped to allow for natural, unrestricted movement.

The ESP Seal-Tite™ suspension sleeve provides a comfortable, secure suspension for both vacuum and standard suction prostheses. The soft, flexible gel conforms nicely to the limb and features a reinforcement layer in area of socket trim to reduce wear. Smooth, soft outer fabric facilitates donning and does not hang up on clothing.
•Use with vacuum systems and standard suction
•Soft, flexible gel
•Reinforced to prevent wear in area of socket trim-line
•Some sizes tapered for air tight fit distally
•Five sizes
•2 Colors [black & tan]